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Arxus Arctic is a premium insulated winter rubber boot with electronically heated insoles.
Artic is an ideal boot for occasions when the wearer is stationary for long periods of time in very cold weather. The boot has a heavily insulated sole comprising 20 mm pressed EVA and 10 mm Neoprene. The entire boot is insulated with 10 mm Neoprene. It is a relatively lightweight boot. Additionally, the boots contain electronically heated insoles.

Arxus heated sole. These insoles incorporate a Lithium Ion battery which can be re-charged with a separately included charger. Via a remote control the innersole heating element can be activated, with 3 levels of heat adjustment; high, medium and low according to demand. When the demand for additional heat within the boots arises it is recommended to start with the heat set at ”high”. After a comfortable level of heat has been achieved it is then recommended to turn off or down to “medium or low”, thus saving battery operating time.

A fully charged battery has approximately 3 hours operating time at ”high” level, 4 hours at ”medium”, and 6 hours at ”low”. The built-in Li-ion battery can handle up to 500 re-charge cycles, and it takes 7-8 hours to recharge the battery to full capacity if the battery has been fully discharged.
This heated insole adopts high efficiency carbon fibre heating materials, a large capacity and low temperature resistant battery, brand new circuit designs and a high strength protective circuit housing shell. The insoles are moulded by the latest technical process. The high-density lithium-ion battery can operate down to -40° C.
The electronic circuit and battery are protected by a steel shell which can withstand a pressure of 300 kg.

Arxus Arctic is not recommended as a distance walking boot – it is primarily intended for stationary hunting. Classified for -40° Celcius.

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